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Toledo Muslim Voting Guide

Author: Editor in Chief/Tuesday, November 06, 2012/Categories: Opinion

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Toledo Muslim Voting Guide

If you are still unsure who you want to vote for, take a look at our recommendations. Print this out and take it with you to the polling stations! Get out the vote!

US Senator: Sherrod Brown
While neither Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown offer anything exciting to root for, Josh Mandel is toxic to Muslims. When running for State Auditor, he demonized Muslims and called Muslims terrorists. The third candidate has no chance of winning, hence we recommend voting for Brown. Don't allow Islamophobia to continue in America. You should not be rewarded for bad behavior.

Congress 5th District: Angela Zimmann
Angela Zimmann has been aggressive in reaching out to Muslim voters. While both candidates have attaneded public Muslim political events, Angela Zimmann has visited Muslims in their homes, and had private fundraisers with many members of the Muslim community. Muslims can really relate to her and would help elect a professional and intelligent representative. The problem with Bob Latta is that he would lend more legitimacy and give carte blanche to all the Islamophobic Muslim bashing that has become popular on the right. While he hasn't personally engaged in Muslim bashing, he still belongs to the party that is supporting this and doing little to combat Islamophobia. He hasn't issued any statements condemning Islamophobia.

US President: Barack Obama
Despite Muslims being frustrated with his lack of leadership and lack of decisiveness on foreign policy, Muslims need to think locally. President Obama inherited a horrible situation and has turned the country around. Former Governor Mitt Romney hasn't really offered a better plan and hasn't provided any reason as to why we shouldn't give Obama four more years. 

Presidential elections are about philosophy. Whose philosophy do you believe in? Obama's or Romney's? Their actual plans and agendas are identical, with some minor differences. Who do you want running our country? Someone who will have to cater to the Muslim-hating and Islamophobic ignorant masses on the right? Or someone who will actually be a president for all people?

Muslims need to send a message to the Republican party, that we won't stand for anti-Muslim comments. This is an important way to send this message.

Issue 1: No
Does Ohio need a 99 person constitutional convention to revise the state constitution?  Ohio already has a pretty good way of amending our constitution, its called state wide voting. 

Issue 2: Yes
Should we create an appointed panel to redraw district lines, instead of the controlling party redrawing the lines?

For too long redistricting has been used by the party in power to remain in power. This is a good way to be bipartisan when redrawing district lines, the commission would have 4 Democrats, 4 Republicans, and 4 Independents. 

Issue 21: Yes
A new tax for the Toledo area metroparks. We all enjoy the metroparks. We wish that they were better managed and that a new tax wasn't needed, but it is needed.

Issue 23: Yes
This is to support the public libraries. Libraries are great, we need them. They need to modernize. Get rid of the excessive amounts of books, get more computers and online books. It's a renewal and a new tax for the libraries. But it's a good cause.

Issue 26: Yes
This renews an old tax to help support Imagination Station. This is a great downtown venue for parents with children and very educational. There isn't much to do in Toledo, let's not get rid of one more attraction.


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